SA:MP Client Side Anti-Cheat

No longer supported - Only working in SAMP 0.3.7 R1 server and client.

The time has come where cheaters are no longer in control. Enter SA:MP Client Anti-Cheat Version 2.0. Scroll down to learn more.

A new client anti-cheat coded from the ground up.

Before SA:MP 0.3d was released, Anti-Cheat version 1.0 was released, You've done some growing up since then haven't you? So have we. Coded independent from the Anti-Cheat v1.0 branch, Anti-Cheat v2.0 takes into consideration all the flaws in it's predecessor and fixes many of them, We've learned a lot since the initial days. Coded directly in C++ and Assembly, We eliminate the middle-man of Java, PHP, and MySQL from version 1.0. This solves many trivial errors, and even more glaring issues.


As an .ASI mod, AC v2.0 is more secure, faster, better, and runs in the background without you even knowing, so you can get straight to playing! A major design goal of AC v2.0 was to not only detect cheats, but prevent them from working at all. I can honestly say that many cheats used are detected, but even more than that are prevented from working in the first place. The future is now.

More than just an Anti-Cheat

Many long-awaited scripting natives have been added in the AC, and scripters are more than welcome to take advantage of our new natives and callbacks. Toggle C-Bug, LiteFoot, Switch reload--Or all of them! Limit a player's FPS, allow them to sprint unlimited or ban by Hardware ID. With Anti-Cheat Version 2.0 there is much greater control over the DM player experience. Dip your toe in with just small features, or continue AC development long after it's development is over. Server owners have the ability to add new cheats to the cheat database with only a few clicks, or just disallow programs they think are unfair!

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Easier than ever to use.

Install it, and forget about it. The download comes in an easy package to install, and once you've installed it once, updates come automatically - You won't even know there was an update. It will automatically run and connect to the server when you launch SA:MP. All I ask is a few minutes of your time for installation and you're set for life.